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SAP in Wood Color

Aluminum solid panel with stone or wood veneer is a kind of high-grade architectural ornament material for buildings like business center, subway station, airport, train station and so on.

In the world, more and more people use aluminum solid panel for their project , because of aluminum solid panel with stone or wood veneer can keep more than 15 years, and aluminum solid panel can be processed into many different shapes by their design.

Aluminum solid panel with stone or wood veneer have many kinds of design with painting, you can choose from them, or if your project is big enough we can design new painting for you follow your idea.


Technical Specification:

Coating: PVDF or Powder coated,

Color: Follow your requirements,

Thickness:2.0~4.0mm,or according to your requirements, 

Size: Follow your design (less than 1800*6000mm).

No.     item      Performance
1Appearance quality

No flow lines, no streaks, no blisters,

 no foreign substance, no other surface imperfections

2Film thicknessAverage: 48umMin. 41um
3Dry-fil hardness≥3H
4Gloss valueGloss value: 34.2~39.1; Average: 37.2
5Impact resistance     50kg·m, no removal of film from substrate
6Abrasion resistance5.3L/um
7Film adhesionDrying adhesionGrade 0
Wet adhesion     Grade 0
Boiling water adhesionGrade 0
8Chemical resistanceHydrochloric acid resistanceNo change
Nitric acid resistanceNo changes such as blistering etc.Δ E=0.75
Mortar resistanceNo change
Solvent resistance     No base exposed
9Salt spray resistance (4000h)Grade 1
10Humidity resistanceGrade 1
11Artificial weathering (4000)Color retention1.31
Gloss retention85%
OthersGrade 0

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