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ACP in FR Core

SEVENBOND® FR aluminium composite panel is a lightweight aluminium panel comprising of two aluminium sheets and a core made of mineral-filled thermoplastic. SEVENBOND® FR is recommended where resistant to flame spread in the event of fire is desired. For any external façade of 18m or higher, SEVENBOND FR should be used as the external wall cladding. SEVENBOND® FR is tested and has passed all the major fire test under the British, European and American standards.



Product certified to MS 2571 and issued with CIDB PPS certificate for Exterior & Interior Wall Cladding

Fire resistant

Ultra-modern look and excellent flatness

Light weight and rigid

Great formability and stability

Excellent weather resistance

Various uniform colour options

Low maintenance

Full manufacturer’s warranty

Eco-friendly materials


The consideration for fire and safety in the construction of any buildings is a key design factor. In the event of a fire, the risk of human lives is greater in high rise building such as hotels, service apartments and offices, purely due to the heavy concentration of people in these buildings. However, these risks can be drastically reduced by taking appropriate fire protection measures such as having sprinkler system, fire doors and firewall grade party walls.

In the case of external wall cladding, the use of SEVENBOND® FR panel will have reduced the spread of flame thus minimising the chance of loss of lives due to fire.

The SEVENBOND® FR series with its fire-resistant core materials fully complies with the most demanding fire safety standards worldwide and is clearly illustrated in the table below:

The SEVENBOND®-FR series are supreme fire-resistant materials and fully comply with the most demanding fire safety standards worldwide as shown in the fire classifications table below:


1) BS 476 part 6 and 7 tests were conducted in SIRIM Malaysia and TUV-SUD-PSB, Singapore. The tests conducted in Singapore were tested on the surface where the aluminium skin was removed. This is to ensure even the FR core material meets the Class O classification.

2) EN 13501-1 is the European fire testing standard. In Europe, a B,s1,d0 rating is required for ACP panels to be used as external cladding for high rise buildings.

3) NFPA E 84 and NFPA 285 are the fire testing standard of the National Fire Protection Association of USA. The NFPA 285 is a multi-story fire propagation test and is one of the most stringent test. The passing of these two tests are a prerequisite for ACP panels to be used for high rise projects.


With a variety of finishes and excellent properties, SEVENBOND® FR panel allows the designer to exercise his full spectrum of his imagination and creativity but without compromising on safety against fire. SEVENBOND FR® is suitable for the various applications listed below:

External and interior wall cladding

Modern building facelift and refurbishment

Fins and copings

Tunnel linings and ceilings

Back pan for curtain wall system


Compliance Certified to MS 2571 and CIDB, PPS
Thickness 4.0mm
Aluminium Skin 0.5mm (Option: 0.4mm)
Tensile Strength (min) 165N/mm2
0.2% Proof Stress (min) 145N/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity70,000N/mm2

KYNAR 500® PVDF paint by PPG. Coated surface shall meet the

 specification and performance requirement according to AAMA 

2605. Coated surface shall be carried out by PPG authorized applicator.

Standard size (W) 1250mm/1500mm
Standard size (L) 3200mm or 4000mm. Custom-ordered length is also available.



*Chameleon Colours & Wood Grain Colours can be provided upon request for viewing.

*Kindly note that the displayed colours in your monitor may not accurately reflect the colour of the original product. For exact colour matching, kindly request for actual colour samples.

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