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Wood Color Solid Aluminum Panel Will Lead The New Trend

Mar. 01, 2019

The new energy policy introduced by the state can fundamentally solve the big problem of current energy consumption. The advent of aluminum veneers, especially the application of thermal transfer technology on Wood Color Solid Aluminum Panel , can replace wood and stone materials and become the new darling of the decoration industry.

In the previous decoration industry, wood and marble accounted for a large proportion, whether it is home decoration or exterior decoration, they can be seen everywhere. Small to door and window furniture, large to the exterior of the building.

But for the vast decoration and decoration market, non-renewable wood and stone materials are tantamount to a glass of water. Less and less resource development, uncontrolled chaos, and making these resources increasingly scarce. Things are rare, so the price is getting more and more expensive. Consumers urgently need new products to produce a scientific update on this material.

Aluminum veneers, especially thermal transfer technology, have been widely used in aluminum veneer products to solve this problem.

The technicians of the aluminum veneer manufacturers transfer the pattern of the wood grain pattern to the surface of the aluminum plate to form a protective film layer resistant to acid and alkali. The appearance is consistent with the wood stone pattern, but the service life is longer. The most significant advantage compared with wood is fire protection; the most obvious advantage compared with stone is that it can bend, pull arc, shape, and use is not a word. For some high-rise buildings, it is not easy to fall after being used for a long time to prevent safety problems.

Wood grain aluminum veneer and Stone Veneer Aluminum Solid Panel completely replace wood stone, and in line with the national energy policy, the use is more extensive, and will become the new favorite of the decoration market.

Stone Veneer Aluminum Solid Panel

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