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How to protect the solid aluminum panel parts that are easy to be polluted

Jul. 05, 2019

How to protect the Solid Aluminum Panel parts that are easy to be polluted?

When the aluminum plate is installed, cover it with plastic film or other material where it is easy to be contaminated. Shared the Solid Aluminum Panel Supplier In China.

Material requirements:

1. Color coated steel plate: the original plate is mostly hot rolled steel plate and galvanized steel plate. In order to improve the corrosion resistance and surface performance of steel plate, must be coated with organic, inorganic or composite coating, among which the development of organic coating steel plate, commonly used organic coating for PVC, in addition to polyacrylate, epoxy resin, alkyd resin. The combination method of coating and steel plate includes film lamination method and coating method. The main USES of color coated steel plate are roofing board and wall board. The plastic composite steel plate produced by Shanghai iron & steel co., LTD. Is 1800mm, 2000mm in length, 450mm, 500mm and 1000mm in width and 0.35 ~ 2.0mm in thickness. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, insulation and other properties. Stripping strength of plastic and steel plate ≥20N/cm.

 Solid Aluminum Panel

2. Aluminum alloy plate: used for decorative engineering aluminum alloy plate, its varieties and specifications. From the surface treatment methods, there are anodic oxidation treatment and spraying treatment. From commonly used color cent: have silvery white, bronzer, gold to wait. From geometry dimension cent: have strip board and square board. The width of the strip is mostly 80 ~ 100mm, the thickness is mostly 0.5 ~ 1.5mm, and the length is around 6m. Square board includes square, rectangle, etc. Be used at the exterior wall board of high-rise building, sheet area is bigger commonly, rigidity and durability demand are tall, consequently board wants a few thicker appropriately, want to add rib even. From the decorative effect; There are aluminum alloy pattern board, aluminum light pattern board, aluminum and aluminum alloy corrugated board, aluminum and aluminum alloy pressure plate.

3. Skeleton material: it is composed of horizontal and vertical bars, mainly made of aluminum alloy profile or section steel. Because section steel is cheaper, stronger and easier to install, most projects use Angle or channel steel. But the skeleton should be antiseptic treatment in advance, no black iron into the building.

4. Fixed skeleton joints: mainly expansion bolts, iron gaskets, gaskets, nuts and joints needed for the design and installation of fixed skeleton, the quality of which must meet the requirements.

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