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Development Prospect Of Solid Aluminum Panel in Double-Curve

Sep. 08, 2018

The Solid Aluminum Panel in Double-Curve is a composite material developed by using high-toughness adhesive. It has the characteristics of light weight, high impact, high rigidity, high flatness, multiple surface color selection and flexible design. It can be applied to the decoration of building curtain wall, building roof, interior space wall and ceiling, ship interior, furniture industry, electronic whiteboard backboard, etc.

Solid Aluminum Panel Supplier In China analysts pointed out:

Inspired by the hive, the honeycomb structure resists the pressing force much more than any round or square, and the hyperbolic aluminum veneer honeycomb structure material is available. The hyperbolic aluminum veneer not only has excellent performance in large scale and flatness, but also has many choices in shape, surface treatment, color, and mounting system. It has been welcomed in the market in recent years.

The hyperbolic aluminum veneer has good performance and obvious advantages. It has higher bending stiffness and higher bending strength, that is, light weight and high strength. The flatness is very good, which can meet the requirements of the maximum separation of building curtain walls, and achieve the best architectural performance with the least building components; various surface treatments are available. Choice; good fire performance; good sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, shockproof and other functions; good environmental protection, 100% recycling. The double-curved aluminum veneer back plate is made of the same material as the panel, the surface is anodized, and the exposed side of the air should be coated with a protective coating. The coating material can be polyester, epoxy, acrylic or the like. In order to prevent long-term exposure to the air, causing corrosion of the aluminum plate.

Solid Aluminum Panel in Double-Curve

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