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The Difference Between Curtain Wall Solid Aluminum Panel And Honeycomb Aluminum Plate

Mar. 12, 2019

Curtain wall Solid Aluminum Panel and honeycomb aluminum plate are the hot materials in the current decoration and decoration market. They have many similar places, such as fire performance, quiet performance, etc., breaking the inherent mode of traditional decorative materials, breaking through the limits in practicality and beauty. Combine and become the hottest and preferred choice in the market.

So, what are the differences between curtain wall aluminum veneers and honeycomb aluminum panels?

1. Compared to the curtain wall aluminum veneer, because the honeycomb aluminum plate is a composite material, the inner aluminum honeycomb ensures that the plate itself can fully bear its own weight, so it does not need to add any reinforcing ribs. For ordinary curtain wall aluminum veneers with a width greater than 600 mm, it is necessary to weld stiffeners on the back side of the plate.

2. Because the curtain wall aluminum veneer is a single-layer product, it can be processed relatively easily, and has a strong styling ability; and the aluminum honeycomb panel as a composite product is less advanced in shape due to the processing constraints of its own products. Aluminum veneer.

3, honeycomb aluminum plate uses a buckle cover system, you can choose to hide the two systems of glue joints and glue joints exposed, because these two systems take into account the effects of thermal expansion and contraction, so the board surface can be free in four directions The expansion and contraction greatly reduces the influence of temperature stress on the flatness of the board surface; the surface of the ordinary single-layer aluminum board is easily warped because it is a system in which the glue joint is exposed.

4, the curtain wall aluminum veneer adopts the spraying process, through the link of the high temperature oven, the color selection is more diversified; and the honeycomb aluminum plate adopts the roller coating process, which is slightly inferior to the aluminum veneer in the variable performance of the color.

Curtain wall Custom Solid Aluminum Panel and honeycomb aluminum plate have their own advantages. Consumers should choose the right product according to the difference of their own construction environment, which is the rational consumption.

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