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How Can Consumers Save The Cost Of Solid Aluminum Panel?

Mar. 08, 2019

Some senior engineers in the Custom Solid Aluminum Panel industry who are engaged in design or installation know that there are many places that can save the cost of the curtain wall aluminum veneer without affecting the building's effect.

So, we can talk about, how to do it can save cost?

1. When designing the keel diagram of the aluminum veneer, try not to be extra wide. As we all know, the raw materials of aluminum veneers are produced by aluminum ingots. Due to the influence of machinery and equipment, the common specifications of ordinary aluminum plates will not exceed 1500mm. Only under special requirements, the specifications of aluminum plates can be produced up to 2000mm. Of course, the cost will increase. Quite a lot.

2, to avoid the fancy design, should pay attention to the integrity of the production of aluminum veneer. Unrealistic design is not a manifestation of individuality, but does not conform to the rules of installation and production. Designers should pay attention to the practical performance of products and the rationality of production.

3, try to control the shape of the aluminum veneer, within the common shape of the Solid Aluminum Panel Manufacturer . The more complicated the aluminum veneer is, the more difficult it is to produce. The difficulty of producing the double-curved aluminum veneer is far more than that of the ordinary flat corner plate.

4, aluminum panels of different colors, try to separate the order, do not want to design easy, multi-color spray. The difficulty of spraying multi-color aluminum veneers is far greater than that of monochromatic aluminum veneers. Designers should pay attention to the simplicity of coveting design and neglect the difficulty of spraying aluminum veneers.

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