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Maintenance Of Solid Aluminum Panel Curtain Wall In Summer

Mar. 05, 2019

The Solid Aluminum Panel installed on the curtain wall surface, the hot outdoor temperature, the high temperature of the outdoor surface of the aluminum veneer, the thermal expansion and contraction, which is easy to produce crack cracking, deformation of the aluminum veneer, and surface of the aluminum veneer The phenomenon of the peeling of the patent leather.

The aluminum veneer used outdoors, the strong sunlight makes the paint on the aluminum veneer fade, the service life is far less novel than the indoor aluminum veneer, the paint will face the phenomenon of falling paint, and the self-cleaning ability will also decrease.

So how do you do the maintenance of outdoor aluminum veneers in summer?

The deformation caused by the change of the temperature difference of the aluminum veneer throughout the year, and this deformation is temporary, so don't worry. Because the expansion joint between the aluminum veneer and the aluminum veneer can automatically adjust the gap between the two, the aluminum veneer will return to normal after the temperature is normal. For the wall with more serious thermal expansion and contraction, you can ask the professional aluminum veneer installer to cut the corners of the aluminum veneer with the slice and fill the glue joint with the structural glue.

Doing a good job in cleaning the aluminum veneer of the curtain wall is a delay in the use of the surface of the aluminum veneer paint. Consumers should regularly clean the surface of the dust. Cleaning is to avoid using strong acid or alkali cleaning agent. It is more suitable to use water. Prevent damage to the surface paint.

The long-lasting aluminum veneer curtain wall can be contacted by the Solid Aluminum Panel Manufacturer , re-polished and polished again, and the aluminum veneer can be reused.

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