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What Factors Can Affect The Quality Of Solid Aluminum Panel?

Feb. 25, 2019

Solid Aluminum Panel Manufacturer introduce the quality of a product. In addition to the raw materials used by itself, some details in the production process are also crucial. For a special building material such as aluminum veneer, there are four influencing factors in its main production process, so let's take a look at the manufacturer of punched aluminum veneers.

point 1: The factory quality inspection is not strict. There are many chemical components in the raw materials used to produce aluminum veneers, and some companies cut corners from these chemical components, which not only does not meet the production standards, but also causes the chemical composition of the Solid Aluminum Panels to exceed the standard, thus affecting people's health.

Point 2: The measurement of the aluminum veneer is not timely. Coating is a very important process in the production of aluminum veneers. The solution used for the coating is strictly composed of ingredients. In order to save costs, some poor manufacturers do not follow the scientific proportion of the solution. In this case, the aluminum veneers produced are almost not qualified.

Point 3: The production of raw materials is chaotic and complicated. In order to reduce the production cost, some enterprises compress the time when the aluminum veneer is oxidized, and add inferior aluminum to the raw materials produced. The direct consequence of this is that the quality of the aluminum veneer is unqualified.

Point 4: Shoddy. Some aluminum veneer manufacturers use some extreme practices in the production process to reduce the consumption of raw materials, which will greatly reduce the bearing capacity of aluminum veneers.

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