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Construction Difference Between Aluminum Composite Panel And Solid Aluminum Panel

Jan. 29, 2019

The construction process of Aluminum Composite Panel and aluminum veneers is generally the same. The biggest difference between them is that the aluminum-plastic composite panel is processed into the required specifications and shapes at the construction site, which is greatly advantageous in construction freedom. The Solid Aluminum Panel is processed and formed in the factory. Due to the accuracy of the equipment, there are often some small troubles in the construction process. In addition to the guarantee of construction delivery, the mass production of aluminum-plastic composite panels is much faster than the production of aluminum veneers, and the schedule of construction is guaranteed to be higher.

In the case of instantaneous impact during lightning strikes, the curtain wall connection method currently used, whether it is aluminum composite panel or aluminum single panel, can be completely protected against lightning strikes; in the case of lightning strike continuous current, it is easy to strike at the metal plate or metal surface layer. Melt occurs. Because of the good insulation of the intermediate polyethylene core layer, the damage of the lightning strike is limited to the skin. From this perspective, the aluminum-plastic composite board has better lightning strike resistance than the aluminum single board.

The fire protection of aluminum veneers is inevitable, and the early aluminum-plastic panels did not have this condition. However, in the later development of research and development, a certain amount of flame retardant material was added to the aluminum-plastic panel, and the aluminum-plastic panel has the function of fire prevention.

Solid Aluminum Panel

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