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How To Make Solid Aluminum Panel Curtain Wall Without Leakage?

Oct. 27, 2018

The main process of the aluminum veneer curtain wall without penetration is the injection of weather resistant sealant. When the Solid Aluminum Panel curtain wall is installed, the sealant is injected after the aluminum plate is installed and adjusted, which is a key process for preventing rainwater leakage and air penetration.

Basic operation method for filling gaps of aluminum single-slab curtain wall

1) Fill the foam strip, and select the foam strip of the appropriate size to fill the joint of the glue to be injected, and keep enough friction between the foam strip and the side of the block. After the filling, the concave surface of the foam strip is about 4 mm from the surface of the aluminum plate.

2) Clean the glue injection joints, use clean and non-hair removal cloth and dimethyl stupid, use the “two rag method” to clean the joints within half an hour before injection.

3) Paste the adhesive tape, and then stick the protective adhesive tape on both sides of the glue seam to scrape off the adhesive tape. Pay attention to the cleanness of the aluminum surface and do not contaminate the adhesive.

4) Glue injection, glue should be injected as soon as possible within half an hour after cleaning, and should be re-cleaned after time.

5) Squeegee squeegee should be flattened or concave along the same aspect. At the same time, attention should be paid to the curing time of the sealant.

Exterior Aluminum Veneer Decoration curtain wall anti-seepage construction considerations

1) Check the installation of the pressure block and fill in the concealed acceptance record before filling the pad.

2) On-site personnel should be sent to track the quality of cleaning.

3) The glue should be smooth and smooth.

4) Sampling and testing the weathering adhesive and making a record.

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