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Solid Aluminum Panel Curtain Wall Does Not Change Color

Oct. 24, 2018

In the construction industry and the decoration industry, people like to decorate the curtain wall with Solid Aluminum Panel. Because the aluminum veneer has many advantages, Solid Aluminum Panel Manufacturer today mainly talks about the characteristics of the aluminum veneer curtain wall that does not change color:

First, after the processing, the aluminum sheets are pre-painted to mainly treat the oil stains on the surfaces of the aluminum alloy sheets, and the anti-oxidation and chromizing processes are usually performed to make the sprayed paints more easily adsorbed on the surface of the aluminum sheets.

Analysis of the reasons why the aluminum veneer curtain wall does not change color

Secondly, it is sprayed by electrostatic spraying technology to make the sprayed paint film more evenly attached to the board. In addition, the colors can be customized to meet the actual needs of the construction project.

Finally, due to the excellent stability of the fluorocarbon paint itself, it is extremely weather resistant and resistant to all kinds of bad weather.

The aluminum veneer curtain wall has shown great quality during its use. It not only has a long service life, but also does not discolor or fade under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, and can resist pollutants such as acid rain and salt spray.

Solid Aluminum Panel

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