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Check The Curtain Wall Materials Of The Main Venues Of The 2018 World Cup

Oct. 22, 2018

The World Cup has just passed, let us walk into the three most distinctive stadiums in Russia. Take a look at the main panels used in these venues - Solid Aluminum Panel, to appreciate these beautiful buildings from these angles of varying shapes, aluminum veneers and curtain wall design.

1. Kaliningrad Stadium

Kaliningrad Stadium is a two-level stadium with an ultra-modern security system and CCTV. There are 35,212 seats in the venue.

After the 2018 World Cup, the stadium will be 25,000 seats, some of the roof will be demolished, and then become the main venue for the Russian professional team Kaliningrad Baltic Football Club.

The exterior wall of the venue uses multi-curved gold fluorocarbon lacquered aluminum veneers combined with other curtain wall materials. However, the stadium has been in the short span of two years and has been basically completed by the end of 2017.

Solid Aluminum Panel

2. Luzhniki Stadium

Luzhniki Stadium, located in the Russian city of Moscow, is Russia's largest stadium with a total of 84,745 seats.

Luzhniki Stadium is rated as a 5-star stadium by UEFA, and is the main stadium for two Russian super teams Moscow torpedo and Moscow Spartak.

In 2018, Luzhniki Stadium will usher in the baptism of the Russian Football World Cup finals. It will also be the fourth World Cup final and the Champions League after the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Wembley Stadium in London and the Olympic Stadium in Munich. The final Olympic stadium. The sun crossed the top of the Moscow University building and poured from the Sparrow Hills in Luzhniki, adding a new touch to this ancient and splendid stadium.

Solid Aluminum Panel

3. Moscow Spartak Stadium

Moscow Spartak Stadium started construction in 2010. The overall frame of the football field is based on the approximate shape of the Colosseum and is complemented by modern décor and design. The total construction is about $500 million. The overall frame of the stadium is a steel structure, which resembles a sun room. The exterior wall is made of red and white, and the diamond-shaped aluminum veneer curtain wall. This design concept will not fall behind in decades. The Tusino district of Moscow, where the stadium is located, will also be developed by the Moscow city government. The stadium is close to Moscow Tusino Airport, and the subway passes by. Going here to watch the ball will save you from the road.

Solid Aluminum Panel

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