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Ceiling Solid Aluminum Panel Construction Tips

Oct. 17, 2018

The Solid Aluminum Panel itself is not easily stained, and it is easy to clean and easy to maintain. In terms of decoration, Interior Aluminum Veneer Decoration can also be used as a partition wall, bag, beam, balcony door cover, window sill counter, billboard and screen decoration. This shows that the practicality of aluminum veneers and the accomplishments of human life have contributed to it. So what are the skills of the suspended aluminum veneer during construction?

Method / Step:

1. Elastic line and fixed edge material: from the ground elevation reference point to the wall surface to the design height of the ceiling surface, and the ceiling elevation line is popped around the ceiling plane. If the ceiling has different elevations, the position line of the variable section is projected on the bottom surface of the floor; then the side keel of the ceiling frame is fixed along the ceiling elevation line, and the cylinder is mounted on the cylinder by cement nails or wooden wedges and round nails.

2. Fixed boom: According to different series of materials or specific types of plates, as well as the load to be subjected to the ceiling, Zhengzhou 珈铖 determines the spacing of the lifting points and the types of hangers and hangers according to the design regulations and product use instructions.

3. Install and level the keel: Install the keel in place, set up the keel firmly and carefully level it, pull the vertical and horizontal height control line, start from the end of the ceiling, adjust its level according to the control line, and finally fine-tune it again. The keel will be fastened.

4. Install and fix the ceiling panel: After the dragon skeleton is qualified, the aluminum strip surface layer can be installed and fixed. The paving and the keel are connected by screws in one direction, and the keels are mounted by screws at the fixed side, one by one.

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