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The Difference Between Solid Aluminum Panel And Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Sep. 17, 2018

From the technical point of view, the difference between the two: the curtain wall Solid Aluminum Panel belongs to a single-layer product, the processing is relatively simple, the modeling ability is strong, but the precision is poor; the aluminum honeycomb panel is a composite product, the processing speed and capability are weak, but the precision is guaranteed.

What is the difference in installation: the box type honeycomb aluminum plate adopts the buckle cover system, and there are two systems of glue seam exposure and hidden glue seam. The system fully considers the influence of thermal expansion and contraction on the board surface itself. The four directions can be freely stretched, which effectively avoids the influence of temperature stress on the flatness of the board. Ordinary single-layer aluminum plate has only glue joint exposed system, and the installation is fixed on the keel with the installation code. There is no suitable space to release the temperature stress, which causes the plate surface to be easily warped.

Characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panel: Aluminum honeycomb panel is composite panel, which has light weight, high strength, good flatness, large panel surface, easy installation, easy maintenance, good environmental protection, reusability, excellent thermal expansion and contraction resistance. Etc.

The characteristics of the SAP For Exterior Decoration Projects: the curtain wall aluminum veneer is an ordinary non-composite plate. Compared with the aluminum honeycomb panel, it does not have the above advantages, but in comparison, the 3MM thick curtain wall aluminum veneer is generally more than the 25MM aluminum honeycomb. The board is 15-20% lower. Because of the self-weight and molding reasons, the 4MM thick curtain wall aluminum veneer is less used in the construction, and the thickness of the curtain wall aluminum veneer is only about 5% compared with the aluminum honeycomb panel product.

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