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Process Introduction Of Wood Solid Aluminum Panel

Sep. 16, 2018

1. The wood grain Solid Aluminum Panel has been processed and the gold is first treated by the surface color.

2. Select the customized wood grain thermal transfer paper to wrap the transferred aluminum veneer sheet metal, fix the paper interface with high temperature adhesive tape, prevent the wood grain thermal transfer paper from loosening, and the wood grain aluminum veneer The transferred surface should be attached to the front side of the wood grain thermal transfer paper.

3. Baking the Aluminum Solid Panel With Wood Veneer that has been wrapped, the baking temperature and the length of time should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the substrate to be transferred and the depth of the surface texture to be transferred.

4, water transfer remove the baked wood grain aluminum veneer, tear off the transfer paper, do surface cleaning.

5. The aluminum veneer wrapped by the wood grain heat transfer paper is wrapped with a tubular plastic plastic bag with high temperature resistance and good sealing property, and then vacuum is taken from both ends of the plastic plastic bag until the plastic plastic bag can fully and effectively adhere Substrate.

Aluminum Solid Panel With Wood Veneer

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