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Correctly Understand And Reasonably Choose Solid Aluminum Panel

Sep. 10, 2018

Solid Aluminum Panel has been widely used for High-grade Architectural Ornament Material. It is a modern and novel building perimeter protection structure wall for curtain wall aluminum veneers. Due to its rich exterior wall decoration effect and expressive features, Today, the rapid development of China's construction industry is increasingly being adopted by architects and owners. As one of many curtain wall forms, aluminum veneer curtain wall has appeared and applied in China in recent years. The appearance of the aluminum veneer curtain wall enriches the artistic expression of the curtain wall and improves the performance of the curtain wall. Only by correctly understanding and rationally selecting it can we achieve the best results, satisfy the function, ensure the quality, show the art, the style is unique, and the decoration is beautiful. At present, the aluminum veneer curtain wall used in China has the following types.

 First, according to the type of aluminum veneer: Honeycomb aluminum veneer; 2. Single-layer aluminum veneer; 3. Single-layer integral stamping and forming aluminum veneer; 4. Composite (sandwich) aluminum veneer.

 Second, according to the surface treatment method of aluminum veneer veneer: 1. Anodizing; 2. Electrostatic powder spraying 3. The weather-resistant building exterior wall is coated with ""oxy-carbon" coating.

Third, according to the utility of aluminum veneer curtain wall classification: 1. Pure exterior decoration type; 2. Types of exterior decoration and exterior protection; 3. Fully functional.

Solid Aluminum Panel

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