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Comparison Of Solid Aluminum Panel Wall And Glass Curtain Wall

Aug. 27, 2018

The Solid Aluminum Panel wall is a new type of curtain wall structure developed after the glass curtain wall. The aluminum curtain wall is often used in the same building as the glass curtain wall.

Compared with glass curtain walls, aluminum veneer curtain walls have many advantages. The aluminum veneer curtain wall has high safety. The aluminum veneer is lighter than the glass. It is safer than the glass curtain wall, and avoids the accident of the glass curtain wall falling from the blast. The aluminum veneer has good processing performance and can process various plate types. Arbitrarily increase the concave and convex lines, and can process various forms of curved lines, can adapt to the design of various complex shapes; aluminum veneer has many colors, including imitation stone, Wood Color Solid Aluminum Panel, granite, RAL international standard color The system and various printing patterns can create more decorative effects than the glass, giving the architect a huge space to play; the aluminum veneer curtain wall is easy to clean and maintain, the surface of the fluorocarbon coating is non-adhesive, it is difficult to adhere to the pollutants. The self-cleaning aluminum veneer solves the problem of high difficulty in outdoor cleaning of the curtain wall; the aluminum veneer of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is convenient to install, can be fixed on the skeleton, can also be 100% recycled, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

One of the big highlights of the current use of glass curtain walls is that the use of various energy-efficient curtain wall glass greatly reduces the energy consumption of buildings. Despite this, in the past period, many construction projects have been plagued by glass curtain walls, and some glass curtain walls have received attention from all walks of life for their glass breakage and glass fall.

In the translucency of the curtain wall, the translucency of the glass curtain wall is unparalleled in the aluminum veneer curtain wall, which is also a major feature of the glass curtain wall, so it can be seen that many buildings have a light curtain wall with a glass curtain wall. The light part is made of aluminum veneer curtain wall.

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