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What Are The Quality Control Methods For Aluminum Veneers?

Aug. 22, 2018

The quality of Solid Aluminum Panel directly affects the quality of the entire curtain wall, so the quality control of the procurement of the plates is the key.

Aluminum veneers are generally made of pure aluminum. The thickness of the SAP For Exterior Decoration Projects is generally 2.5 to 3 mm. In order to strengthen the surface strength of the aluminum veneer, reinforcing ribs must be installed on the back side of the aluminum plate. The ribs are made of thick aluminum strips, first by using a flash welder. A screw cap is welded to the back of the aluminum plate and the aluminum strip as a rib is drilled into the screw and fixed by screws. The back side of the aluminum plate of the aluminum plate curtain wall should be reinforced. The reason is that under the condition of positive and negative pressure on the outside, the aluminum plate will not be sunken, and the second will not bulge, thus avoiding the vibration sound of the aluminum plate curtain wall repeatedly vibrating inside and outside.

The surface treatment of the curtain wall aluminum plate can be divided into two methods, one is anodizing and the other is electrostatic spraying. The anodized oxide film is generally above 12μ, the color is only bronze and white, and the color is monotonous. The disadvantage is that the color of each aluminum plate surface is different, and the overall effect of the curtain wall formed by the combination of many curtain wall panels is not good. Therefore, the surface treatment of the aluminum plate of the aluminum curtain wall must not be anodized.

Another method of surface treatment of curtain wall aluminum panels is electrostatic spraying. Spraying is divided into powder spraying and liquid spraying. The powder spraying materials are mainly composed of polyurethane, bulging resin, epoxy resin and other raw materials with high color retention pigments, and dozens of different colors of spray powder can be obtained. The sprayed powder is resistant to impact and abrasion. Under the impact of 50 kg, the aluminum plate is deformed, and the sprayed layer has no cracks, no falling layer, intact, and is resistant to dilute acid and mortar. The only drawback is that it is afraid of long-term exposure to ultraviolet light.

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