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How To Install Wood Grain Aluminum Veneer Solid Board

Aug. 02, 2018

In fact, the technology and procedures for installing Wood Color Solid Aluminum Panel are basically the same. Careful measurement and precise cutting are very important if you want your work to be professional. Accuracy is necessary because of your work, this is already a foregone conclusion. You have to make sure that all cutting works should be precise, otherwise you will be wasting Solid Aluminum Panel if they are not suitable for you to cover the wall.

Mounting plate

Sheet Panel Mounting Board The first panel of a solid wall finish is a rigorous job, but it's not that hard. Before you start, be sure to read all the instructions, the panels I have listed here are cut and connected to the wall. Carefully inspect the wall for preparation before applying any adhesive, if you want to glue the panels forever, or nail the sheets or sheets before the scales.

Cutting panel

Before cutting begins, check if the height of the ceiling changes. Then, let a 0.5 inch gap, the panel is connected to the floor of the panel, so that the house will not be detained.

In order to avoid snapping up the panel while supporting two or more sawhorses (or equivalent), the scale strips or the 2 4S cross-horses provide additional support.

Cutting wood and simulating wood panelling wood with a saw. Choose a saw to finely cut each blade to 10 or 15 teeth. In portable and bench-top electric circular saws, plywood cutting blades are used.

The cutting board faces, if you are using a hand saw or table saw, face down with a portable round or saber saw.

One method to avoid the chipping or tearing of the veneer at the edge of the panel is to apply the masking tape along the cutting line. Be careful when removing the tape, the sticky side of which may be strong enough to split the wood. Another method is to cut the line with a sharp knife and a ruler.

Wood Color Solid Aluminum Panel

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