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Bubbling Phenomenon Of FR Core Aluminum Composite Panel

Aug. 16, 2018

The surface of the FR Core Aluminum Composite Panel is bubbled with a granular infusible material. When the average diameter of these infusates is large to a certain extent, it will protrude on the surface of the core board. Bubbling phenomenon. Today, the Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer will give you an idea of the reasons why aluminum-plastic panels produce bubbling.

When we peeled off the aluminum plate, we found that there were signs of poor adhesion around the bubble. The reason for this sign was that when the bubble was recombined, the air around the bubble could not be completely squeezed. In the middle of the slab, an extremely thin layer of air blocks the adhesion of the slab. These infusibles may be other impurities mixed in the plastic particles, or may be mixed with other plastic particles. The melting point of these plastics is much higher than that of polyethylene, which cannot be melted in the barrel and is blocked on the side of the stainless steel mesh sheet. When it is concentrated to a certain extent, the extrusion back pressure is increased, so that the filter is squeezed together to cause the core plate to bubble.

For the production of thin plastic sheet, it is necessary to use a certain number of stainless steel wire mesh for filtration. For aluminum plastic core board, it can be used to filter through a hole with a certain aperture smaller than the thickness of the board. Solve the bubbling problem.

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