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Introduction Of The Advantages Of Solid Aluminum Panel in Engraving

Nov. 16, 2018

The Engraved Solid Aluminum Panel is an aluminum veneer curtain wall carved out by a computer numerical control punching machine. However, because the requirements of CNC engraving objects are complex drawings, unique shapes, and fine products, the production time must be set at the time of production, and the accuracy should be paid attention to. It is also required that the technicians have sufficient supervision. Generally, it is necessary to test the machine first. Produced in large quantities.

Advantages of engraving Solid Aluminum Panel:

1. The carved aluminum veneer can use various coating colors, such as powder coating, polyester spraying, fluorocarbon spraying and other processes, with various colors and different styles.

2, carved aluminum veneer because of the use of precision instrument processing, high process accuracy, cost-effective, is a high-quality decorative materials, decorative effect is excellent.

3. The carved aluminum veneer is corrosion resistant, has good impact resistance, strong wind pressure resistance and long service life.

4. The component is extremely light, convenient for transfer and transportation, no need to add structure, and the construction is fast.

5. There are many kinds of colors, such as brick, stone, marble and so on.

6. Wide range of applications, renovation and renovation of old buildings, indoor and outdoor decoration, various new constructions, can be used for wall panels, ceiling panels, decorative panels.

7. Fire retardant, non-toxic gas occurs, the product has no pollution, can be recycled and reused, environmental protection and energy saving.

Engraved Solid Aluminum Panel

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