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What Are The Characteristics Of Engraved Solid Aluminum Panel?

Nov. 21, 2018

In recent years, Engraved Solid Aluminum Panel have become a common building material. In addition to being used in public places, this decoration material is also seen by many high-end families. Engraved aluminum veneers have excellent decoration and decoration effects for all kinds of buildings, especially in high-level public places with large planning and high level, such as large shopping malls, large supermarkets, etc. Since it is so expected, What are its characteristics?

First, environmental protection, can be recovered and reused.

Carving aluminum veneer with different aluminum-plastic composite panels and other raw materials, it can be completely reclaimed and reused after disassembling, and it is easy to disassemble, and only need to be sequentially removed when disassembling, the card slot can be separated. There is no need to consume too much manpower, and there will not be too much pollution for our living environment.

Second, exquisite workmanship, appearance and atmosphere

According to the different needs of the market, the engraved Solid Aluminum Panel can be carved out of all kinds of exquisite drawings, and because of its relatively advanced processing process, it is processed from pure aluminum or aluminum alloy metal materials. High precision, so the appearance of the sheet is extremely flat and lubricated, and has high observability. In addition, when the sheet is stamped, welded and polished by the machine tool, the semi-finished aluminum veneer is painted and coated. The landscaping process of paint and baking varnish can give us a strong eye impact.

From the perspective of the market's selling trend, the carved aluminum veneer will maintain a hot sales trend in the next few years. Its appearance and application have improved the decoration of the event space and built a beautiful and advanced space environment. It has improved our quality of life and has become the primary decoration material for home decoration, which has been expected and favored by people.

Third, durable and easy to install.

The engraved aluminum veneer is a metal material, light in weight and precise in workmanship. Therefore, it is easy to transport remotely, and is easy to use on site. It has extremely high hardness, and is extremely resistant and impact resistant. Therefore, whether it is used indoors or not, it is still used in an outdoor open environment, and it has a very high service life. There are also four layers of paint on the exterior of the plate. In addition to the beautification effect, these paint layers have the maintenance function of acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.

Engraved Solid Aluminum Panel

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