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Seven Reasons To Choose Imitation Stone Aluminum Veneer

Sep. 19, 2018

Seven reasons for choosing a Aluminum Solid Panel With Stone Veneer. In fact, when we choose a certain material, we must have a detailed understanding of the material and a comparison of the properties, so as to select the material that is most suitable for us, usually according to the occasion and area. , cost, style, color, etc. to judge what kind of material is better, and imitation stone aluminum veneer is no exception, it can get everyone's approval, but also it has its own uniqueness in some aspects, more in line with For everyone's application range, let's first take a look at the advantages of imitation stone aluminum veneers.

1. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength

2, good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet light erosion. Can guarantee 10 years without discoloration, no fading, no peeling, no bursting, no powdering.

3, self-cleaning, due to the special molecular structure in the fluorocarbon coating, the surface dust can not be attached at all, so there is no need to special cleaning and the use of ion and water contact surface tension technology, so there is good self-cleaning

4, rich in color, decorative effect is good. According to the needs of users, it can be processed into various geometric figures, which can be sprayed with various colors, and the most advanced spraying technology and equipment make the spraying uniform and strong.

5. High strength: The high-quality alloy aluminum used has high strength, and the welding process is adopted at the opening, which greatly improves the steelness of the aluminum plate, ensuring the wind-proof, shock-proof, rain-proof leakage, anti-air penetration and lightning protection of the curtain wall. , impact resistance. The aluminum veneer can be processed into flat plates of different specifications, double curved panels, and special-shaped plates to be subjected to various complicated shapes. After the sheet metal is formed, the surface treatment can be carried out for fluorocarbon spraying, acrylic acid spraying and powder coating, and the color can be arbitrarily selected. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration.

6. Installation and construction is convenient and fast. The aluminum veneer can be processed and formed at the factory according to the customer's drawings.

7, can be recycled, no garbage accumulation, is a good environmentally friendly product. Solid Aluminum Panel can be 100% recycled, unlike decorative materials such as glass, ceramics, and aluminum composite panels.

Aluminum Solid Panel With Stone Veneer

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