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Selection Techniques For Aluminum Curtain Wall Materials

Aug. 08, 2018

Building curtain wall surface materials such as aluminum veneer, Aluminum Composite Panel, honeycomb panel, etc., should be determined according to the design life. 

1 The use of aluminum-plastic composite panels within ten years is due to the fact that the current aluminum-plastic composite panels are not uniform, the fish are mixed with beads, and the on-site processing is required when considering construction. The aluminum foil on the inner and outer surfaces is only 0.5mm. Many Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers are processed by roll coating. Surface treatment, the surface has a certain texture, so the designer should pay attention to the optimization of material utilization rate, the surface of the board should not be placed horizontally and vertically, the effect of the effect should be strengthened according to the specifications, the edge of the aluminum-plastic board should be strengthened, and the aluminum square tube can be used. Or fixed angle aluminum, etc., fireproof aluminum-plastic composite board should be used. When the design size of aluminum-plastic composite board is large, the structural calculation of the reinforcing rib is required to determine the specification and distribution of the rib. The angle of the aluminum-plastic panel and the keel is fixed. Aluminum, angle aluminum should be opened on the side of the keel to ensure the thermal expansion and contraction of the board surface. Designers should also be careful not to use aluminum-plastic panels in vulnerable areas, otherwise they need to be reinforced on the back. 

2 Aluminum veneers should be used when the service life is more than ten years. The aluminum veneer has good strength and strong corrosion resistance, and can be guaranteed in the factory. Since the aluminum veneer required for the construction site is processed into a finished product at the factory, it can be directly installed. Therefore, the designer must indicate the material, thickness, fixed ear plate specification, processing size and distribution of the aluminum veneer when making the aluminum veneer processing drawing. Spacing, machining error requirements, rib specifications and distribution spacing. Try to avoid roller coating. Many buildings now use perforated aluminum veneers to enrich the effect. If there is no waterproof isolation layer behind the perforated aluminum veneer, then it can be waterproofed on the outer surface of the solid wall or double-layer curtain wall or directly waterproof on the back of the perforated aluminum veneer. Separate the layer and then design the perforated aluminum veneer. The hole size of the aluminum veneer must be greater than the plate thickness. The hole spacing and size should be based on the strength requirements of the material, and the installation of the reinforcing ribs should be considered to avoid affecting the external view effect. A reasonable design is to first make a sample, and determine the hole size and spacing by far and near view.

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