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Material And Structure Of Aluminum Composite Panel

Mar. 21, 2019

Material and structure of aluminum composite panel:

Aluminum Composite Plate from Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer is a new type of decorative material, with a series of excellent performance, soon after its appearance in the curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration and other fields has been widely used, creating a new world of contemporary architectural decoration.Such as Aluminum Composite Panel For Interior Wall.

The so - called aluminum composite plate refers to the aluminum and plastic composite plate. In particular, aluminum plate and plastic core material in a certain process conditions through the special adhesive bonding composite board. It is to be used as first actually, backside aluminium board undertakes besmearing is installed, compound with plastic core material again next. The front panel is generally coated with decorative coating, and the back panel is coated with protective coating.

About the structure of aluminum composite plate, generally speaking, it is a sandwich structure, which is a kind of image metaphor, two layers of aluminum plate sandwiched between a layer of plastic core material. In fact, the structure of aluminum composite plate is much more complex.

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