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Classification Of Aluminum Composite Panel (part1)

Mar. 25, 2019

Classification Of Aluminum Plastic Plates(part1):

Aluminous model board breed is more, and it is a kind of new-style material from Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer, because this still does not have unified classification method up to now, undertake classifying by use, product function and surface adornment effect normally.

(1) By purpose:

A. aluminum plastic panels for building curtain walls:

The minimum thickness of the upper and lower aluminum plates shall not be less than 0.50mm, and the total thickness shall not be less than 4mm. Aluminum material should meet the requirements of GB/T 3880, generally use 3000, 5000 series of aluminum alloy plate, coating should use fluorocarbon resin coating.

B. Aluminum Composite Panel For Exterior Wall decoration and advertising:

The upper and lower aluminum plates shall be made of anti-rust aluminum with a thickness of not less than 0.20mm and a total thickness of not less than 4mm. Generally, fluorocarbon coating or polyester coating is used for coating.

C. Indoor aluminum sheet:

The upper and lower aluminum plates generally adopt aluminum plates with a thickness of 0.20mm and a minimum thickness of not less than 0.10mm. The total thickness is generally 3mm. Coating with polyester coating or acrylic coating.

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