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Cause analysis of discoloration and decoloration of aluminum composite panel​

Apr. 22, 2019

Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer shares that aluminium model board produces discoloration, decoloration, basically be to choose as a result of plank undeserved cause. Aluminum-plastic board is divided into indoor board and outdoor board, the surface coating of two kinds of board is different, decided its applicable different occasions. Indoor plate, the surface of the general spray resin coating, the coating can not adapt to the harsh outdoor natural environment, if used in the outdoor, will naturally accelerate the aging process, causing discoloration. Outdoor aluminum plate surface coating is generally selected anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet ability of fluorocarbon resin coating, the price of this kind of plate is expensive. Some construction units deceive owners, with the indoor use of the plate posing as anti-aging, anti-corrosion quality fluorocarbon plate, extract unreasonable profits, resulting in serious discoloration, decoloration of aluminum plate used on the project.

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