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Causes Of Aluminum Composite Panel Stripping(part2)

Apr. 19, 2019

3. Selection of core materials:

Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer shares that because the polymer film and PE bonding and other plastics compared to the best and affordable, non-toxic, easy to process. So the core material selected PE. In order to reduce costs, some small manufacturers choose PVC with poor bonding effect and deadly gas when burning, or choose PE recycled material or PE raw material mixed with corner material. This will lead to the different composite temperature because of the PE model, aging degree and so on, the final surface for the composite quality is unstable.

4. Selection of polymer film: high

Molecular film is a kind of bond material with special properties. The polymer film has two sides and three layers co-extruded. One side is bond with metal, another side is bond with PE, intermediate one is PE base material, the property of two sides is completely different. The price of the material varies greatly from side to side. With the aluminum plate shop knot material needs to import, the price is expensive.

And the material that fuses a face with PE home can be produced, because this some high polymer film manufacturer makes a big deal about this, use PE to fuse material in great quantities to cut corners to seek profiteering. The use of polymer film has direction, positive and negative can not be changed. Polymer membrane is a kind of self-dissolving membrane, incomplete melting will lead to pseudo recombination. Early strength is higher, a long time, because the influence of weathering will reduce the strength, or even bubble or glue phenomenon.

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