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Causes Of Aluminum Composite Panel Stripping

Apr. 16, 2019

Causes Of Aluminum Composite Panel Stripping:

Aluminum Composite Panel is a new material made of aluminum plate after surface treatment and coating baking paint as the surface, polyethylene, polypropylene plastic mixed as the core layer, through a series of processing composite. .as the board are by nature different kinds of materials (metals and non-metallic), it retains the original composition of material (aluminum metal, nonmetal polyethylene plastic) the main features, and overcome the disadvantages of the original material, and material with many excellent properties, such as luxury, colorful decorative, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fire prevention, moisture-proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, vibrate resistance; Light weight, easy processing and forming, easy handling and installation and other characteristics, these characteristics for the aluminum plastic board to open a broad application prospects. The production of aluminum plastic composite board is very simple in layman's eyes, but in fact it is a new product with high technical content, so the quality control of aluminum plastic board products has certain technical difficulties.

Here The Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer mainly talk about the influencing factors of aluminum material 180 ° peel strength.

1. Quality problem of aluminum foil itself:

Although this is a relatively hidden problem, but has been reflected in the quality of aluminum plate. On the one hand is the heat treatment process of aluminum, on the other hand some aluminum plate and producers in the use of recycled aluminum quality control lax. This requires the producers of aluminum and plastic plates to evaluate all aspects of the material producers and establish business contacts after determining qualified subcontractors to ensure the quality of the material.

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2. Pre-treatment of aluminum plate:

The cleaning and coating quality of aluminum sheet are directly related to the composite quality of aluminum sheet. Aluminum plate first to clean the surface to remove oil impurities, so that the surface of a layer of dense chemical layer, in order to produce a good bond polymer film. However, some manufacturers do not strictly control the temperature, concentration, treatment time and update of the treatment liquid in the pretreatment process, which affects the cleaning quality. What's more, some new manufacturers do not carry out any pretreatment on the aluminum plate, but directly use it. All of these will lead to poor quality of composite, 180 ° peel strength is low, or unstable.

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