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Features Of Aluminum Composite Panel(2)

Apr. 08, 2019

Features Of Aluminum Composite Panel(2)

5. Good durability:

Aluminum Composite Panel adopted metal composite technology with core material, binder and firm, the surface coating choose different materials depending on the use environment, three kinds of commonly used coating, fluorocarbon paint, polyester paint, acrylic paint, including fluorine carbon coating has more excellent weatherability, multi-purpose in curtain wall decoration with a particular occasion, test research shows that under the outdoor environment can use more than 20 years.

6. Good processability:

Aluminum Composite Panel is made of aluminum and plastic composite, easy to cut, punching, grooving, bending and other processing, aluminum or wood processing equipment for processing. Therefore, not only in the production plant processing, the proposed composite plate can be processed on site.

                                               Aluminum Composite Panel

7. Excellent fireproof performance:

In the series of Aluminum Composite Panel, the fire Aluminum Composite Panel adopts the newly developed core material, the core material is filled with non-inorganic filler, so the improvement of fire performance has made a leap, can reach B1 level standards, can meet the requirements of building regulations.

8. Good cost characteristics:

Aluminum Composite Panel supplied from  Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer,adopts continuous precoating and metal/core material continuous thermal composite technology, compared with the general metal veneer, high production efficiency, low raw material cost, is a kind of material with good cost characteristics.

9. Good environmental coordination:

The aluminum and plastic core materials in the waste aluminum plastic board can be recycled 100%, with low environmental load. In addition, wood aluminum plastic board and outdoor decoration aluminum plastic board using fluorocarbon paint, products with high durability, low daily maintenance costs, reduce the cost of the whole life cycle.

10. Wide application:

Aluminum plastic board cost-effective, widely used, in addition to the curtain wall, internal and external walls, foyer, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, etc., can be used for the decoration of old buildings, used as counters, furniture surface, vehicles inside and outside the wall.

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