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Features Of Aluminum Composite Panel

Apr. 02, 2019

Aluminum Composite Panel is a new decorative material, compared with other decorative materials, has many incomparable advantages. One of the reasons is that aluminum - plastic plate is a kind of composite material.

On the other hand, Aluminum Composite Panel is a kind of high-tech products, whether it is the production or application, have a very high technical content. In the production, many advanced processes, such as roller coating process and continuous thermal composite process, are adopted to ensure the full play of material properties.

The main characteristic of aluminous model board is shown in the following respects.

1. Low quality:

Aluminous model board is by aluminous and density are compared small plastic core material is compound and become, because this and have same rigidity or the aluminium with same ply (or other metal) photograph is compared, its mass is small compare with glass, stone material, quality is much smaller.

2. Good rigidity:

Aluminum-plastic plate clever use of i-steel structure mechanics principle, clever hungry endowed with its unique mechanical properties, combined with compound aluminum-plastic plate is in high temperature condition, and in the whole process of aluminum plate under the two layers of aluminum in a certain state of tension, as molding cools, because of the symmetrical aluminum plate and core material on the shrinkage rate of production, the internal stress of sheet forming stable and has good rigidity. Compared with the single-layer aluminum plate, its elastic limit is larger, not easy to produce deformation, in the natural state without too much external force, can maintain good leveling performance for a long time.

Aluminum Composite Panel

3. Rich color and strong decoration:

The graphic plane of the aluminum sheet can be made into a variety of colors to carry out pattern design matching all purposes. In addition, also for the use of photocopying technology simulation pattern granite, wood and metal patterns, monochrome can not get, with precision texture, high quality pattern design. Rich color and pattern design to meet the requirements of different environmental coordination, so that different architectural styles and environmental adaptation, the selection of color and environmental harmony, in the overall artistic effect to achieve a perfect unity, give people a bright and soft visual enjoyment. The curtain wall that decorates with Aluminum Composite Panel For Interior Wall and flowery glass curtain wall and elegant stone material curtain wall compare rise not inferior. In sunlight, the layers are gorgeous and dignified, while avoiding light pollution.

4. High surface smoothness:

Aluminum Composite Panel is produced by continuous thermal composite production process, so compared with the metal plate of single material, its surface flatness is high, especially the large size plate is more obvious. Used for building decoration, with a uniform smooth appearance.

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