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Do You Understand The Problem Of Sewed Aluminum Composite Panel?

Feb. 20, 2019

Aluminum Composite Panels are a kind of products used in building decoration. The range of such products used in decoration is also relatively wide. In our life, everyone should also understand it! Maybe we have used such products in our homes, but we will also find out when decorating the aluminum-plastic panels. When the glue is glued, the problem of neat seams will occur. You know that there are such problems. How should we solve it? Follow the Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers to find out!

Analysis of the overall problem of aluminum-plastic panel glue joint

The problem of the splicing of the aluminum-plastic panel is neat. When the aluminum-plastic panel is used to decorate the surface of the building, there is generally a gap between the slabs. For the sake of aesthetics, it is common to fill the gap with a black sealant. In order to save time, some construction workers do not need paper tape to ensure the neatness and rules of the glue, but use the protective film on the surface of the aluminum-plastic board as a substitute.

However, since the protective film will have different degrees of tearing when the aluminum-plastic panel is being cut, it is impossible to use the adhesive tape as a substitute for the protective tape.

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