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How Is The Aluminum Composite Panel Mounted On The Wall?

Feb. 11, 2019

1. At the time of production and production, there are strict production specifications.

2, the welding of Aluminum Composite Panel and board, because the quality requirements of the goods are particularly high here, especially the specific functions that we need in the process of application, so the time of the connection between the boards is the most important step. We usually use some rivets or bolts to fix them first, and then some chemical reactions when using different materials or metal joints, that is, using these resounds to play the advantages of Exterior Wall Aluminum Composite Panel . Of course, in the appearance of these materials, we will also apply some protective layer, galvanized or other insulation materials to ensure the robustness of the aluminum composite panel and ensure the safe use of the user.

3, in some of the details of the plate type device, because in different directions, the plastic aluminum plate that we need to use the effect is not the same, so this also requests the method of our device has changed, especially on some sides In the grinding of the corners, try to cater to some of his production characteristics and application characteristics.

Exterior Wall Aluminum Composite Panel

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