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Three Major Processes For Surface Treatment Of Aluminum Composite Panel

Jan. 22, 2019

At present, the Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers mainly have three kinds of spraying processes, electrostatic powder coating, polyester paint spraying, and fluorocarbon paint spraying, and the prices of the three spraying processes are also far apart. The characteristics of these three spraying technologies are introduced below. :

First. Electrostatic powder coating, as long as the composition is polyurethane, epoxy resin, etc., it is characterized by simple spraying construction, impact resistance, friction resistance and corrosion resistance. The biggest weakness is the fear of solar ultraviolet radiation and long-term exposure of Aluminum Composite Panels. Under the sun, it will naturally fade, resulting in serious chromatic aberration. Generally, it will show obvious chromatic aberration after 2 to 5 years.

Second, polyester paint spraying, polyester paint is also called unsaturated polyester paint, is a thick paint made of polyester resin as the main film-forming material, polyester paint has the advantages of high solid content and good hardness. The color is beautiful and the corrosion resistance is strong. The disadvantage is that the weather resistance is not so good, and the anti-sunlight ultraviolet rays are weak.

Third, fluorocarbon paint spraying, the main component of fluorocarbon paint is polyvinylidene fluoride resin nCH2CF2 baking (CH2CF2) n (PVDF) is the aggregate, the chemical structure of fluorine in the fluorocarbon base is combined with carbon. Fluorocarbon paint has strong wear resistance and impact resistance. It is resistant to fading in the harsh climate and strong UV resistance, so that the aluminum veneer will not be seriously discolored when used on the external wall.

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