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How Should We Handle The Adhesive On The Aluminum Composite Panel?

Jan. 14, 2019

Aluminum Composite Panels are a good material for decorating walls and have many advantages. The colors are varied and the construction is very convenient and fast. Moreover, the aluminum-plastic panel has good fireproof performance, and of course it can also prevent corrosion. Therefore, it is very common in the field of building decoration. What should you do if I accidentally put a sticker on the aluminum-plastic panel?  Let Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer tell you.

1, a small area of adhesive, directly with the drawing eraser, but must ensure that the eraser is clean, so that it will not stain the aluminum composite panel.

2, if it is a large area of glue, after using the rubber, and then wipe with a clean soft cloth, gasoline or alcohol, it is easy to wipe clean.

3, there is a method is relatively slow, but the cleaning is also very clean, is to use a clean towel or a soft cloth to lick warm water or hot water (the principle is that the glue is hot), and repeatedly rub more at the glue. Several times, the purpose is to soften the adhesive. Then, wipe the soapy liquid (or washing powder and detergent) and wipe it repeatedly at the sticky place; wipe the soap with a warm towel.

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