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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Aluminum Composite Panel In Hospitals?

Jan. 08, 2019

Aluminum Composite Panel is a kind of decorative material emerging in recent years. It has the advantages of high cost performance, color optionality, convenient installation and construction, etc., so it is found in many interior and exterior walls, interior decoration, and advertising industry products. A lot of applications. There are many uses for aluminum-plastic panels. Many times, hospitals with high environmental requirements will choose to install aluminum-plastic panels to meet certain requirements. What are the benefits of installing aluminum-plastic panels in hospitals?

1. Lightweight Aluminum Composite Panel has a good antibacterial effect.

2. Safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, meeting the sterility requirements of the operating room of the hospital.

3. Installation and disassembly are very convenient and can save a lot of time and cost.

4. No odor after decoration, no need to disinfect.

Lightweight Aluminum Composite Panel

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