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Can Aluminum Composite Panel Avoid The Effects Of Radiation?

Dec. 10, 2018

Many families now choose tiles when they are renovating, especially living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. But now there is a saying that the tiles have radiation, which will cause great damage to the human body.

One: Does the tile really have radiation?

Studies have shown that tiles really have radiation. The raw materials of the tiles are stone powder, zircon powder, long sand powder, quartz powder, etc. These materials are radioactive. Some manufacturers in order to avoid erosion, easy to decontaminate, will be coated with a layer of "glaze" (glazed tiles) on the surface of the tile, adding zircon sand as an etchant, the content of radioactive nuclides in zircon sand is relatively high.

Two: Will radioactive tiles damage health?

1. In vivo radiation

The radiation of tiles in the body is mainly the radiation of sputum, which is a radioactive substance that has "affinity" to fat. The human body inhales a large amount of sputum, which affects the nervous system and makes people feel weak. If a large amount of sputum is inhaled for a long time, its radiation inside the human body will cause the cells to undergo a change, which may lead to lung cancer.

2. In vitro radiation

It is derived from γ and β rays generated by the decay of radium and thorium in raw materials. Gamma rays penetrate the body and destroy lymphocytes, thereby reducing immunity. The β-ray has a shorter range and has a greater impact on children.

Three: What kind of products can be selected in addition to ceramic tiles?

Aluminum Composite Panel produced by Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer is specially designed for indoor wall and cabinet surface decoration. It is a new type of building material which is made up of upper and lower aluminum layers and intermediate environmentally-friendly polyethylene core material. It has strong insect-proof waterproof, moisture-proof, easy-to-clean and easy to install. The performance, the most important thing is that the selected materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, without fear of being exposed to radiation or formaldehyde.

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