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Treatment Of Non-dry Adhesive On Aluminum Composite Panel

Nov. 24, 2018

Aluminum Composite Panel is a very common building material, which belongs to a kind of surface material. It is widely used in modern society. Today, the Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer said about the cleaning method of non-adhesive on the Aluminum Composite Panel.

Self-adhesive most afraid of hot friction and high temperature, so seize its weakness, it is easy to clean out. The following are several ways to deal with them in different situations:

Cleaning Method of Non-adhesive on Aluminum Composite Panel

1. Small area of glue can be made by drawing rubber directly, but the rubber must be clean so that it won't dirty the glass.

2. If it is a large area of viscose, after using up the rubber, dip it in gasoline or alcohol with a clean soft cloth and wipe it easily.

3. There is another method which is slower but cleaner, that is, to dip clean towel or soft cloth in warm water or hot water and repeatedly dip it in the sticky place several times in order to soften the sticky place, then dip the towel in the soap solution and repeatedly wipe it in the sticky place; finally wipe the soap foam with a warm and wet towel, so as to make the glass clear. Glass is not only clean but also transparent.

By using the four methods mentioned above, the dry glue on the aluminium plastic sheet can be cleaned up very well. At the same time, it can better ensure the use of Aluminum Composite Panel.

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