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Method For Folding And Slotting Aluminum Composite Panel

Nov. 06, 2018

The use of Aluminum Composite Panel is relatively extensive, and most of them have to be folded. Today, Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer will explain to you how to fold the aluminum-plastic composite panels.

First of all, everyone knows that the premise of the folding of the Aluminum Composite Panel is that the aluminum foil is thick enough, the thicker the aluminum skin, the better the folding. Before the folding of the aluminum-plastic panel, we prefer to use the slotting machine from the back of the aluminum-plastic panel (trimming) Machine) open a groove, otherwise it is impossible to fold, the depth of the groove is adjusted according to the thickness of the aluminum plastic, first adjust the cutter head a little, slowly try until it seems that the aluminum peel does not seem to be exposed It can be, it is easy to scratch the aluminum skin and cause the hem to break. If it is shallow, it is easy to crack.

In addition, the cutter head is selected. The cutter head has U-shaped and V-shaped points. The U-shaped cutter head is not easy to scratch the aluminum skin, but the folded corner is not very straight, and the corner of the V-shaped cutter head is very sharp. Straight, the angle is better, but it is easy to scratch the aluminum skin and cause the aluminum skin to crack. Generally, the 4mm aluminum composite panel can be used with the 6# cutter head.

There is also the folding edge of aluminum-plastic panel mainly depends on aluminum skin. Many people's misunderstanding is that raw rubber can't be folded, and the plastic glue can be folded. In fact, this is wrong, because the folding edge is to remove the intermediate plastic, so Folding mainly depends on the thickness of the aluminum skin. Under normal circumstances, more than 6 wire which is often sold in the market is fully satisfied with the requirement of 90 degree folding. If the roller arc is required, the back of the pipe bending machine is required to be selected according to different construction requirements. The rounding angle, the middle core material of the aluminum-plastic composite board is divided into raw rubber and cooked rubber. If the roller is circular arc, only the cooked rubber can not be used with raw rubber.

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