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Will The Aluminum Composite Panel Change Color?

Oct. 13, 2018

Generally, the color of the object painted on the object will be discolored and faded for a long time. Many aluminum-plastic panel wholesale manufacturers will issue such questions when purchasing aluminum-plastic composite panels. Today, Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer will take you to understand. Whether the aluminum-plastic panel will fade or not.

Generally speaking, the qualified aluminum-plastic panel has a shelf life of 20 years. The “preservation” here means that during the shelf life, it will not fade, the plate will not crack, the layout will not wrinkle and so on. Of course, the premise of these "quality assurance" is to correctly regulate the use of aluminum composite panels. If the method of use is not appropriate, there will be quality problems such as fading, cracking and wrinkling. For example, the selected aluminum-plastic sheet is not suitable, and the aluminum-plastic panel suitable for indoor use is used outdoors; the cleaning method is incorrect, cleaning At the time, the use of corrosive cleaning agents, etc., which will also cause discoloration of the aluminum-plastic panel.

Aluminum Composite Panel generally do not show discoloration during the shelf life, as long as you use aluminum composite panels correctly.

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