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Common Quality Problems In Aluminum Composite Panels In Decoration (2)

Oct. 10, 2018

First, The handling of the Aluminum Composite Panel mouth is not firm, not smooth, not sealed

1. Reason: The construction is carried out according to the requirements, the installation is not detailed, and the method is improper.

2, the solution

(1) Make a closing plan before construction, and adopt a reasonable closing plan for different structures and conditions;

(2) Strict operation during installation, master the essentials.

Second, Eco-friendly Aluminum Composite Panel Surface contamination, dents

1, the reason

(1) The protective film is removed prematurely, and the measures for protecting the finished product are improper;

(2) Improper protection of the finished product during the construction of the next process, caused by impact on the board surface.

2, the solution

(1) Do not remove the protective film too early, and remove it when removing the scaffolding;

(2) Develop feasible product protection measures during the work;

(3) Clean up the contaminated area in time and scrub it clean.

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