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Two Quality Problems Common In Aluminum Composite Panels In Decoration

Oct. 08, 2018

First, The board surface is not flat, not vertical, the seam is narrow, and the height is inconsistent

1. Reason: The horizontal and vertical of the skeleton are out of tolerance, the Aluminum Composite Panel facade is not flat, the board surface is installed poorly, and the hole is misplaced;

2, the solution

(1) Care must be taken to install the embedded parts and expansion bolts. When the skeleton is installed, the horizontal and vertical wires are pulled, the plane is flat, and then the theodolite is inspected for process acceptance;

(2) Plate and skeleton positioning, drilling must be accurate;

(3) When the Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer install, it is not free, and it must be installed according to the plan and the position of the bullet. Before installation, the panel size and shape should be checked and checked for correctness.

Second, The joints are not tightly sealed, uneven, and there are bubbles and water seepage.

1, the reason

(1) At the end of the caulking, the surface of the board is tightly sealed with polyethylene foam. When the sealant is filled with the caulking gun, a certain pressure is formed at the end, so that the joint with the seam is not strong and the sealing is not strict;

(2) The operator is unskilled in operation. When the caulking is performed, the distance between the muzzle and the caulking is inconsistent, the pressure is uneven, resulting in uneven thickness, many joints, and air, causing the surface of the sealant to be uneven, with bubbles and Water seepage phenomenon;

(3) Material problem: There is a problem with the quality of silicone sealant.

2, the solution

(1) The material selection is good and the tool performance is good;

(2) Carefully insert the sealing filler, the filling surface is kept at the same distance from the surface of the plate, and the depth of the embedded sealing glue is uniform, so that the seam is compact and the seam surface is straight;

(3) The skilled worker is skilled, and the fixed-slit gun is kept at a uniform speed and the distance is the same. The air is removed with the embedding. Once the air bubbles appear, they are broken and the air is removed by the trowel.

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