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Six Advantages Of Aluminum Composite Panels

Sep. 05, 2018

1, super peeling degree

The Aluminum Composite Panel adopts a new technology to improve the peeling strength of the most important technical index of the aluminum composite board to an excellent state, so that the flatness and weather resistance of the aluminum-plastic composite board are correspondingly improved.

2, superior fire performance

The aluminum-plastic composite board is made of a flame-retardant material PE Core Aluminum Composite Panel, and the two sides are extremely difficult to burn aluminum layer. Therefore, it is a safe fireproof material that meets the fire resistance requirements of building codes.

3, impact resistance

Strong impact resistance, high toughness, no damage to the topcoat, strong impact resistance, and no damage caused by sandstorm in areas with large wind and sand.

4, uniform coating, color diversity

 Through the application of chemical conversion treatment and film technology, the adhesion between paint and aluminum-plastic panel is uniform and the color is diverse, which allows you to choose a larger space and show your personalization.

5, the material is easy to process

The aluminum composite board has a weight of only 3.5-5.5 kg per square meter, so it can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake and is easy to handle. Its superior construction can be cut, cut and planed with simple woodworking tools. The various shapes of the edges, curved into a curved shape and right angles can be combined with the designer to make various changes, and the installation is simple and quick, and the construction cost is reduced.

7, easy to maintain

The aluminum-plastic composite panel has been significantly improved in terms of pollution resistance. China's urban pollution is more serious. It needs to be maintained and cleaned after several years of use. Because of its self-cleaning properties, it only needs to use neutral detergent and water. After cleaning, the board will be as new as ever.

PE Core Aluminum Composite Panel

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