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Techniques And Methods For Edge Folding And Grooving Of Aluminum Composite Panel

Mar. 15, 2019

Techniques and methods for edge folding and grooving of Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel is widely used, most of the time have to fold, today as the old xingda aluminum workers xiaobian to explain how to better under the aluminum plate folding.

First of all, we all know that the premise of aluminum-plastic plate folding aluminum foil is thick enough, the thicker the aluminum skin, the better the frilled edge, before the aluminum-plastic plate folding, first we must from the back of aluminum-plastic plate with slot machine, trimming machine), open a groove, otherwise can't frilled edge, the depth of the slot is according to the thickness of the aluminous model to adjust, the tool bit shorter, first try, slowly until seemed dew aluminum skin not dew, deep cause ruffled fracture easily scratch the aluminum skin, light the bad side of easy to crack.

Aluminum Composite Panel

The second is to choose the knife head, the knife head is divided into u-shaped and v-shaped, u-shaped knife head is not easy to scratch the aluminum skin, but the folded Angle is not very straight, v-shaped knife head is more pointed folded Angle is very straight, the Angle is better but easy to scratch the aluminum skin aluminum skin cracking, general 4 mm aluminum plastic plate from Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer with 6# knife head can be.

And aluminum-plastic plate folding main aluminum skin, a lot of people can't ruffled the myth that raw rubber, glue to hem, actually this is wrong, for plastic folding is to get out of, so ruffled basically see the thickness of the aluminum skin, usually take the court often sell over 6 wire is completely meet the demands of a 90 - degree flanging, if it is need to use roller arc tube bending machine back up according to the construction requirements in the selection of rolling Angle, aluminous model board core material divided into middle, raw and cooked adhesive, if roller arc can only use glue can't use raw rubber.

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