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Ten Characteristics Of Aluminum Composite Panel

Oct. 29, 2018

Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturer share with you the ten characteristics of the Aluminum Composite Panel:

1. Small quality: The aluminum-plastic composite panel is made of aluminum and a relatively small density plastic core material. Therefore, compared with aluminum or other metals with the same rigidity or the same thickness, the quality is small compared with glass and stone. It is much smaller.

2, good rigidity: aluminum-plastic panel clever use of the mechanical principle of the I-beam structure, cleverly endow its unique mechanical properties and the aluminum-plastic composite panel is composited under high temperature conditions, compared with the single-layer aluminum panel, its elasticity The limit is large, it is not easy to produce deformation, and it can maintain good flatness performance for a long time in a natural state without too much external force.

3, rich in color, strong decoration: the aluminum-plastic panel can be made into a variety of colors, to carry out the matching design for all purposes.

4. High surface flatness: The aluminum-plastic composite panel is produced by a continuous thermal composite production process. Therefore, compared with the metal sheet of a single material, the surface flatness is high, especially the large-sized sheet material is more obvious. It is used for building decoration and has a flat and uniform appearance.

5, good durability: aluminum-plastic composite board uses metal and core material thermal composite technology, strong bonding, used in curtain wall decoration and specific occasions, experimental research shows that it can be used for more than 20 years in outdoor harsh environment.

6, good processability: aluminum-plastic composite panel is made of aluminum and plastic composite, easy to cut, punch, groove, bend and other processing, can be processed with aluminum or wood processing equipment.

7. Excellent fire performance: In the aluminum-plastic panel series, the fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panel adopts the newly developed core material, which is filled with inorganic filler, so the fire performance has improved.

8. Good cost characteristics: The production of aluminum-plastic composite panel adopts pre-coating continuous coating and metal/core material continuous thermal compounding process. Compared with general metal veneers, it has high production efficiency and low raw material cost, which is a kind of cost characteristic. s material.

9. Good environmental coordination: Aluminum and plastic core materials in discarded aluminum-plastic panels can be 100% recycled and have low environmental load.

10, a wide range of uses: aluminum composite panels cost-effective, a wide range of uses, in addition to the curtain wall, interior and exterior walls, foyer, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, etc., can also be used for the reconstruction of old buildings, used as counters, furniture The surface layer, the inner and outer walls of the vehicle, etc.

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